Extreme Caffeination at Cult Coffee Roaster



If your a coffee lover as I am you probably have savored CULT Coffee Rosters blends at one point during your coffee life. They have been passionately roasting  the best coffee  since 1997.  Now they are ready to reveal themselves to the world and I was pleasantly surprised to have been part of a select group of bloggers that were invited to go behind the scenes of CULT.Were were treated to a delicious cafecito  and presentation by CULTS CEO  Hans Schatz  and his passionate team of experts.



Our tour began in the Cupping Lab, where blends are brewed to test strength, create new mixes and taste many different coffee drinks. In the cupping room there is also the Brow Lifter Nitro Coffee Lifter  on tap where we were treated to a fresh, flavorful and foamy beverage.






Another CULT specialty are the new botanical infusions which are meant to offer the consumer an alternative to carbonated beverages and caffeinated teas and another choice of the water with lemon.Botanical Infusions  are hand crafted with high quality, natural ingredients such as Hibiscus, Green Rooibos, Honeybush to name a few. These botanical beverages contain zero caffeine  tea ( black or green) that when combined with   natural flavors are  sure to quench your thirst.

Tea Lab
CULTS Botanical Tea Lab



And last we learned about the origin of the beans, CULT takes pride that all coffee beans are purchased directly with the farm, which in turns provides an income for the farmers and the families that cultivate this precocious caffeto. The roasting/ packaging  facility is state of the art each batch is roasted to perfection with the highest quality standards.






This coffee lover was in sheer delight with the bean roasting tour at   CULT Coffee Roaster.

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