Millennials transform a Chevy Trax into a Mobile Office


National Millennial Community participants discussion best practices for job finding success, best networking practices and interviewing etiquette.

What happens when you give job searching millennials the keys to a Chevrolet Trax? What happens when it’s in one of America’s most creative cities, Seattle, Washington? The results will surprise you.

Chevrolet partnered with the National Millennial Community and sent out groups of influential millennials into the city to execute think tank-style discussions within the Chevy Trax on topics that relate to the success of today’s multicultural millennial. Millennials were given an assigned prompt, to which they expanded on amongst their team and included personal branding, interviewing, networking and beginning the job search.

An office with a view. Participants enjoy beautiful Seattle.


Each team was provided a Chevy Trax that was transformed into a mobile office for millennials to use as a creative and collaborative working space.

Participants were equipped with a printer and office supplies which allowed them to build their own office space inside the Chevy Trax.

Throughout their journey, the Chevy Trax provided a mobile working space for participants, offering features that mimic an office. The 4G LTE Wi-Fi within the vehicle allowed all participants (and more with capabilities up to seven devices) the ability to connect to the internet, research necessary information and collaboratively compile their findings together. While traveling to their various destinations, drivers used Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for navigation and played music that worked up their creative juices. The Chevrolet team equipped the Trax with a printer, coffee machine and other office gadgets that were plugged into the 12-volt outlet in the rear seats. Once each team arrived at their destination, the front passenger seat folded down, providing a completely flat working desk for laptops, tablets or writing.

Did you know? You can plug a small coffee maker into the Chevy Trax 12-volt outlet.

Loved the millennials creativity. After the think tanks , the  participants  provided Chevrolet with a tool kit that will help  new graduates begin their job search.

If like to learn more you can follow #ChevyThinkTanks on social media.

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