Why we love Coollifting ( and you should too!)

My face after my coollift treatment. Vibrant and youthful
My face after my coollift treatment. Vibrant and youthful

In my anti-aging fight one procedure that I had to try was the new coollifting treatment that is newest technology to hit the market to reduce fine lines, lift and clear hyperpigmentation, so in just 5 minutes your skin will look vibrant and youthful.

What is Coolifting?

Coollifting or Cryolift is a  revolutionary system that utilizes a high pressure cold CO2 blast on to the skin to stimulate the vessels to contract and expand by doing so it activates the bloods microcirculation, induces collagen ( tightens the skin) and increases the oxygen on the tissues to give you a vibrant and youthful glow.

The procedure last a little of 5 minutes and cost $375 per treatment it is recommended to have 4 treatments for best results.

My incredible aesthetician Eulalia is the few pioneers to be certified in this procedure here in Arizona.

I loved it! and you will too its  pain free and visible results on the first try.

How does it feel?

Painless,feels as if you are having a cold blast of air onto your face. After you feel the skin tight and brighter.

So what are you waiting for? Turn back the clock or stop it all together with Cryolift’s  new procedure.

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