Wax on, Wax off tips for the perfect Brazilian Wax

 This a sponsored post by Urban Wax , all opinions are my own.

I remember the days when a woman would only wax “down there” if she was going to the beach and had to wear a bikini. That’s not the case anymore; Nowadays, the famous Brazilian Wax has a generation of male fanboys believing that when women hit puberty, a landing strip just magically appears. (For those living under a rock, this is a narrow strip of pubic hair that is left after a Brazilian Wax ). The thought of women having a little more than that, is apparently unnatural.

What is surprising to me is how often women my age feel the subject of going unencumbered down under is still one that elicits giggles. Believe me, I won’t judge if your “down there” is all natural, as long as you like it. If it makes you happy, then more power to you. But if you dare to go bare, and experience a Brazilian, here are my tips for the ultimate hoochie coochie.


Choosing the Wax Salon: First and foremost, make sure your waxer uses proper sterilization procedures. At Urban Wax, all technicians are State-licensed and properly trained. No double dipping here. Double dipping is the practice of using the same stick each time it’s dipped into the hot wax. This practice can contaminate and allows bacteria to spread from one client to another. Plus, you wouldn’t want the wax used on your upper lip to have been mixed with a stick used on another woman’s bikini area.

First Timer: Why dare to go bare with a Brazilian Wax?  There’s a definite sexiness to it, not to mention eliminating the risk of “hair” going  rogue during an ocean side excursion. And yes, some embarrassment is normal. Those who claim none are either lying or have a mildly reduced sense of shame. Believe me, the waxers at Urban Wax are professionals and will quickly put you at ease. And don’t worry: They have probably heard every expletive that exists.


What to Expect: Your waxer will clean and disinfect the area and dust it with talcum powder. After that, wax is applied in small areas at a time. Waxing can be uncomfortable because the hair is being pulled out from the root. The discomfort down under will vary from person to person due to pain tolerance. Some are more tolerant than others. Yes, it will hurt. The more you wax the thinner the hair becomes so the pain becomes more tolerable. But as in life, your mileage may vary.

After Care: Loose clothing after the fact will be a good idea for a day or two. The area can remain sensitive so it’s best to avoid the gym, or direct exposure to the sun for at least 24 hours. I apply ice for the swelling and cortisone cream for the redness.

If its your time to take it all off – I invite you to try the experts at Urban Wax.



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