The Sleek 2016 Toyota Avalon

When Your Heels Match your Wheels
When Your Heels Match your Wheels

I had the opportunity to test drive the sleek  2016 Toyota Avalon  this week. It was an awesome experience so with  out further due  here is my review of this smooth ride that now vies the Chevy Impala as one of the top rated sedans.

What first captured my eye was the Avalon’s  body style with a swoopy roof line, flared -out rear fenders, and the rear laid-back rear glass gives this smooth ride a very sleek sporty look.

2016 Toyota Avalon Sleek Body Style
2016 Toyota Avalon Sleek Body Style

Inside  the V-6 Avalon’s layout has all  features right at your finger tips, with its seven-inch touchscreen to govern its audio-system and one of my favorite features is the  individual-wheel-tire pressure monitor ( if your like me I never can tell if my air pressure is low which is a great safety feature and peace of mind ) and you will also find its navigation and Qi wireless smartphone charging pad.

2016 Toyota Avalon - Sunset in Arizona
2016 Toyota Avalon – Sunset in Arizona

With its 6 speed automatic transmission the Avalon is one of the most fuel efficient Sedans in the market and as I drove  from event to event last week the Avalon is great for city driving and stop- and go- traffic. It’s styling interior has room for 5 passengers and plenty of leg room, my son who is 6’2 did not complain one bit about his legs.

This sleek ride also has great Safety features  separate rear -side airbags and front knee air bags and  backup camera system and blind-spot monitors one of my favorite features.

Sunroof open in the 2016 Toyota Avalon
Sunroof open in the 2016 Toyota Avalon

And did I mention its Sun Power Tilt/Slide moonroof with sliding sunshade will make your weather perfect days the more enjoyable.Other great features are premium track,  leather upholstery, heated – and -ventilated front seats, heated car seats, three zone automatic climate control , heated outside mirrors w/ turn signals, dual chrome – tipped exhaust hand LED daytime running lamps just to name a few.

The MSRP on this Model is $37, 050.00  so no wonder its one of the top rated sedans in the market.

I enjoyed  going places on the  Avalon its power, comfort and smoothness makes it a pleasure to drive.  I invite you to check it out on your own and share your experience with me.

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