Strawberry Fields my week on the 2017 Pacifica Touring

“Let me take you down,’Cause I’m going to Strawberry Fields” and that is precisely where I decided to take a day trip to Strawberry, Arizona  on the Chrysler Pacifica. Let me share with you my day trip and the cool places I found along the way.

In the back ground Dakota a trekking Llama

The drive to Strawberry  is a very pleasant scenic one filled with natural beauty and windy roads which the Chrysler Pacifica handled  with ease. On one side of the drive you will enjoy lush landscape of desert floral, saguro and cholla cacti, the catctus give way to mesquite, scrube oaks and juniper trees. On the other side you will see rugged mountains and rock formations.

My first stop  in Strawberry , is a must – The Ranch at  Fossil Creek an enchanting goat and llama farm, know for its creamery  which produces  top notch goat milk products such as cheese, fudge, and lotions.In addition to the creamery, they offer Llama Trekking tours  to Fossil Creek a beautiful  perennial  stream which  flows from its headwaters on the Mogollan Rim  to meet the larger stream near the former Child Power Plant . Llamas are excellent  trekking companions,  with a peaceful nature and excellent endurance they are perfect for hill walking.

Another fun adventure while  driving the Chrysler Pacifica was discovering  the beauty of the Rim  Trail , a breath taking landscape where you will find the East Verde River that runs from the Mogollan Rim and flows southwest through Gila County and the Tonto National Forest.

Its a beautiful drive in which one must  open the sunroof on the Chrysler Pacific  and gaze at the stars. The Pacifica is perfect for road trips its fully loaded with every feature one might need while on a trip with the family.

I invite you to take a day trip to  get out of the routine and discover the hidden jewels Strawberry , Arizona has to offer.

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