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Before she was  pop star  Becky G with hits such as “Becky from the Block”, and “Sola”. She was Rebecca Gomez  a teenager living in her grandparents garage .Who decided to take a chance by posting a video on Social Media which caught the attention of  Hollywood, and launched her into  superstardom.  

Currently Becky G is  making her movie debut in the  action packed  Power Rangers as Trini the Yellow Power Ranger.

Her is my exclusive interview with Becky G for

Latinaology Your story is such an inspiring one, you have gone from Rags to Riches – How has this shaped you into the person you are today?

Becky G– It’s funny because even though a lot has changed, I feel a  lot has not changed at all, in a way, I have a passion for music and entertaining people. And the fact that I get to do this on a major scale, the platform just keep getting bigger and bigger. It is  been truly a blessing for me , and it took me living in my grandparents garage to realize that, if you truly want to make a change it has to  comes within. You  don’t necessarily need  the right contacts, money,just  be yourself , and  when the time is right all things will work out. I’m glad I never gave up.

Latianology   We all struggle through hardships but instead of going into the” pobrecita de mi ”  mode you decided to create opportunity, based on that decision how has that changed your life?

Becky G– It has  been awesome!  that decision is up to you. I felt that in that moment, (I am the oldest of 4 kids) I  had responsibilities to be an example and to show  as we Latinos say Si se Puede, anything is possible. One  of my brothers is autistic and  he’s my hero , my inspiration also the reason that even though I had  all these  odds against me. I was  just going to go for it. I never once thought this is not going to work out. And I’m so grateful to my parents for supporting me,although we were not in the best financial situation, they never that be a factor in following my dreams, again this is just a huge blessing.

Latinaology Hablas Español?/ Do you speak Spanish?

Si, no lo hablo perfecto. In my house we spoke English but with my grandparents I spoke in Spanish. So I speak Spanglish.

Latinaology – Novela’s in the future ?

I love Novelas  use to watch them with my grandparents, although when I recorded my first single in Spanish “Sola” the video was shot in a Novela style.



Latinaology You been able to work and perform along Latino A- listers ,  Who’s your inspiration?

Definitively JLO, a lot of Latinas look up to her she is a Boss. Not only in the music industry, she is an amazing mother, daughter and she’s gone through some hardships in her life. But look at what’s she’s accomplished. I have worked with her and was taken how she always shakes everyone’s hand, has a smile for everyone. She is lives a fulfilled and happy life.

Image result for becky g duet jlo


Latinaology- Your first movie and it’s  an iconic series Power Rangers –  tell us about playing Trini the Yellow Power Ranger?

Becky G – She is so much like me in a weird way, I’m so glad I got to play  Trini she is a  hard cookie, self-made. I think what is special about her , is that she doesn’t want to love everyone, is very  selective of who she lets into her life. But as she begin to trust, her walls come down. 

Latianology- Do you see yourself doing more movies?

Becky G – I hope so, more action roles and as the hopeless romantic that I am, for sure  romantic movies.

Latinaology What message do you have for the young Latinos with no contacts, no means, whom want to break into Hollywood?

Becky G – Don’t let your circumstances define you.  I would say don’t put  yourself in  a box, you can do anything . Tap into your talent ,and run with it and be unapologetic yourself, believe in yourself and all you need is one door to open.

We could not agree more!! 

Becky G’s  new movie Power Rangers is  in a theater near you!

Sinopsis Power Rangers

Five ordinary teens must become something extraordinary when they learn that their small town of Angel Grove – and the world – is on the verge of being obliterated by an alien threat. Chosen by destiny, our heroes quickly discover they are the only ones who can save the planet. But to do so, they will have to overcome their real-life issues and before it’s too late, band together as the Power Rangers.



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