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I love the sun, but not is harmful effects on my skin. I live in Arizona where temperatures can reach 115 very fast some mornings as early as 6 am its already in the triple digits. I’m also a dog lover and my pooch needs to go on his walk twice a day and you will see me either wear a hat or an umbrella.

When I was asked to review The Brelli I loved the concept. It also intrigued me quite a bit as this not your typical umbrella is transparent. It has a tinted cover ( mine was pink ) and its structure is made out of bamboo. I was intrigued as to how would the ” transparent cover” protect me against the sun and at the same time I also was excited to be able to lift my eyes up to the sky or as I call it have a “360 degree” view ( conventional umbrellas you can only see forward).

It arrived in a pretty bag with pink lettering The Brelli. As I read its description I felt I had a very special item in my hands its unique, made with a social conscious ,sustainable, eco-friendly and stylish.

The Brelli is designed to be stylish as well as functional, its canopy cover  blocks 99% of the UVA/UVB/UVC rays that are harmful for us can cause cancer and premature aging.

All of its materials are hand crafted ,in its core The Brelli is a functional product with a social conscious.Assembled in Mai, Thailand all by hand and provides families with jobs which helps them have a brighter future. The Brelli  ensures that in their factory  fair labor laws from wage, safety and child labor protection are followed.


It’s a biodegradable product from beginning to end, using Bamboo,Elderberry wood (used in theandle),BRELLIX film (the canopy),Organic cotton string,Natural rubber gum, and Organic cotton fabric (used in the carrying case).Once the tube is hand cut to the proper length, the following parts are meticulously hand carved, Stretchers,Ribs,Runner’s notches,Elderberry handle as you see it’s all hand carved and crafted.

So as you can see what is not to love about this unique umbrella. It does take a bit of getting use to, but overall I loved it! It has allowed me    view more of the Arizona sky and its beautiful sunsets.

I invite you to try it out and let us know what you think.

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