Product Review- Bringing my hair back to life with Agadir Argan Oil Hair Products


My hair was a disaster dry and dull didn’t seem to be able to bring it back to life. I’m not sure where my dryness came from was it a hormonal in-balance ( apparently there comes a time the creepy pre-menopausal stage enters ones life ) as every one warned me about? or was it simply that I had over tortured my hair with blow dryer, straightener , and the curling iron – where they to blame?  My hair was so dry on the ends that I  allowed my hair stylist to cut  2 inches which brought me to the realization  that  I love my long hair and it requires lots of maintenance from good nutrition, plenty of water and good hair products and I needed to make those changes.

So enters  Agadir Argan Oil  to rescue my hair from its dryness stage and bringing it back to life with a beautiful glow.

So what is Argan Oil ?

Argan Oil is on of the most rare oils in the world this oil is hand pressed in its native Morroco and contains propeties such as essential fatty acids, including oleic and linoleic acid (omega-9 and omega-6) that protect, repair, and restore the vital balance of water and fats in your hair.It also contains high levels of vitamin E have moisturizing and healing properties making Argan oil ideal for regenerating and nourishing dry hair.

So let  share with  you what the kit contained and what I had the opportunity to test, lets start with the basics.

Complete kit sent by Agadir Argan Oil to test and review.
Complete kit sent by Agadir Argan Oil to test and review.


Daily Moisturizer Shampoo which is Sulfate Free , contains  Anti color fade ( helps the color last longer) ,  conditions ,smoothes and gives shine.

Daily Moisturizer Conditioner  which is Sulfate Free  contains Anti color fade ( helps the color last longer) detangles and  corrects dry frizzy hair .

Argan Oil with Keratin Protein this deep repair mask smoothes, strengthens, gives your hair its shine and has anti-fade so it helps you hair color stay on longer.

I used these daily for 3 weeks. I started using the Agadir Oil Argan Oil with Keratin Protein there aftr  only once a week.

My other favorite items where the Agadir Argan Oil Hair Shield 450 plus spray treatment this is a must  to help our hair withstand the tortures heat it sustains with all the heat appliances, the hair shield will protect, repair and provide shine to your hair.

The finishing Agadir Argan Oil Spritz styling finishing spray is a must after you’re done styling its non -greasy like other brands and absorbs instantly in to the hair is excellent for the frizzies and split ends.


Agadir’s  styling products are superb as well.

Beautiful Latina Hair back to life with Argan Oil
Beautiful Latina Hair back to life with Argan Oil

The Argan Oil Volumizing Mousse Styling Formula used on damp hair gives hydration , detangles ( when my hair was so dry it was very hard to detangle this made it easier )  and controls frizz and is alcohol free preventing hair dryness.

And the  Argan Oil Volumizing Hairspray provides the perfect finish to your look its fast drying, is not heavy or sticky as other brands gives your great style control for 24 hours. ( I have a lot of hair, I had to reapply and tease my hair in the afternoon)

The one habit that I will not be leaving soon is the Agadir Argan Oil Hair treatment for hydrating and conditioning my hair this might serum is  miracle worker. This serum is applied in damp hair before styling ( I used it at night and gave myself a great scalp massage.)

Using Agadir Argan Oil Hair Products  along with drinking more water and good nutrition  have brought my hair back to life.

As always I recommend you to try them and share your experience  with us!

Until next time,





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