One Sip at a time Sorso Wine Room

Have you ever wondered when entering a wine bar how great it would be to  sip through  all their wines? Wonder no more its a  reality at  Sorso Wine Room. This enchanting wine room located in the  Scottsdale Quarter 15323 N. Scottsdale Rd., Ste. 150Scottsdale, AZ 85254.

Sorso ( Italian for Sip) Wine Room is a novelty concept a “self-serve wine buffet” as Owner and Former MLB Player  Mark  Teahen calls it.  I had the opportunity of experiencing  this  unique concept and I’m going share  with you how  the concept  works. First  you purchase a card with a set dollar amount with wine glass in hand you  proceed to the self-serve wine machine you insert your card, choose a wine and here is the magic you select what you like a Sorso  ( Sip), a taste or a full pour. You control the amount and what wine you like to sip . That simple and such a  unique idea brought by the Teahen’s ( Lauren Teahen is Marks wife and Co-Owner) from Italy.


Sorso's Self-Serve Wine Dispensary
Sorso’s Self-Serve Wine Dispensary

You can purchase wine bottles  as well as dine in  and try  the delicious menu , one of the must have’s  – bruschetta  a culinary delight. Sorso has also one the best happy hours in North Scottsdale.  Loved the vibe, the food and it’s staff,  at Sorso Wine Room.


Sorso’s delicious Bruschetta

I was extended a media invite to attend their  one year anniversary celebration on April 6th, and it as with a full house! It’s clear that  Sorso Wine Room is capturing the heart of wine lovers on Sip at a time.

A Sorso or Sip of Rose Wine
A Sorso or Sip of Rose Wine


As always I invite you to share your experience with me.

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