My week driving the Iconic 2016 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible R-Line SEL

I had the opportunity to drive for a week  the most Iconic car of all times the 2016 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible R-Line SEL and let me share with you my latest adventure, because let’s be real life is better in a convertible.

Timeless Beauty with its Bi-Xenon headlights and 19 ” Alloy Wheels you’ll turn heads and curves

Normally it’s 115 degrees in Phoenix, however during my week with the VW Beetle it was cloudy which allowed me to experience the joy’s of driving with the top down. My son whom can care less about what I’m driving,he  look outside at the sleek Volkswagen Beetle with beautiful grill, with  sporty r-line and said “give a minute to get ready” and we were off! Literally as it takes  8 seconds to go from 0 to 60 mph in this iconic turbocharged Beetle.

latinaology-volkswagen beetle
A joyous drive


It’s interior was very roomy,   my  son ( he is 6’2) no complaints about leg room just a happy boy that feel in love with the Fender sound system oh we sure  were jamming and my little 4 legged child was happy in the back seat feeling the wind  on this fur coat. All the sudden I was transported to my childhood where I remember visiting my grandma in the summer and watching my Aunt get ready for work, she was meticulous ironing her clothes making sure the her clothing looked perfectly pressed and then I would see her get in to her red  Volkswagen  “bochito” like it’s affectionately  called in Spanish, oh how life comes full circle.

Iconic and timeless the 2016 Volkswagen Beetle in premium Gray Metallic Exterior

The beetle is highly gas efficent you fill it up with $20 bucks and uses unleaded gas you get 23 miles in the city and 31 on Highway on this note one my favorite features was that if your running low on gas it will search for you gas stations near to where your located at the moment so you never have to worry about running out of gas and being stranded.


It’s interior is captivating with its thin ( love the feel )  steering wheel that has its beautiful logo in graved in it and its functionality as you can control many of its features from it such as , phone, Sirius  XM  Satellite radio, Apple media, navigation. It’s 6.33 ” screen media screen has voice commands, and navigation.

Black leather interior with a sharp leather wrapped steering wheel

The Beetle and I where happy to attend the Grand Opening of  Chef Cummings  newest menu and location of La Bocca Urban Kitchen  – Loved the decor so retro, filled with black and white photos of Iconic figures and the menu superb starting with their flatbread with babaganoush  and oh la la the  pizza, my fav was the truffle mushroom loved the mix of flavors.

latinaology-La bocca
Congrats to La Bocca’s new Chandler Location!

And this Latina took the beetle to the gran opening of Modern Margarita where your captivated with its wall art, loved the portrait of the Adelita with her traditional dress and beauty. Its menu was an eclectic mix of  old mexico fused with urban Mexican cuisine. Loved the hospitality and tacos. I mean who does not like Tacos!

Modern Margarita love the art so reminds me of the legendary actress Maria Felix

Felt safe riding in this sporty convertible the safety technology is amazing with blind spot monitor with rear traffic alert, Intelligent crash response system ( ICRS), front airbags and head/thorax side airbags. You and your passengers will be safe on board of the beetle.

latianaology-vw beetle
Vanilla enjoying the convertible life.

And to end the week we got to attend the culinary creations of Salty Sow American Gastro Pub whom has the most amazing food, favorite were the Brussels Sprout Salad and the Crisp Chicken Thighs I highly recommend.

Salty Sow best crisp chicken thighs
Salty Sow best crisp chicken thighs

But above all I enjoyed the fact that I was able to look up in to the sky, feel the wind in my hair and the sun rays on my skin. To see the splendor of the Arizona sunset were simply priceless.

latinaology-vw beetle
Remember to look up

For this and many more reasons I invite you to test drive the VW Beetle.

The model I drove fully equipped has a MSRP of 36,870.00.

Until next time,


Below Spanish

El llamado carro del pueblo fue creado en Alemania en 1933 y continua fuerte en el mercado de carros compactos es uno de los carros mas reconocidos munidalmente al igual que mas vendidos en el mundo.


Porque Corazon Mexican? El motor del este  “bochito”  se ha  producido en Mexico desde 1955.


En esta generacion el nuevo diseno del 2016 Volkswgen Beetle te cautivara con su estetica visual  y manejo  deportivo, su top convertible, su bello R-Line frontal e trasero , con llantas alloy  de 19” pulgadas al igual que su aleron sobre su cajuela hara que te volten a ver dos veces.


Dentro encontras asientos deportivos de piel , un volante adjustable con mandos de radio, telefono, volume y bellamente detallado con el iconico logo tipo de Volkswagen. Este viene equipado con una panatalla de 6.33” con Sistema de Audio Fender, Apple Media, Sirus XM Satellite Radio, AM/FM,  sistema de arranque sin llave, sistema de navegacion, uno de mis favoritos  te notifica si andas con el tanque bajo en gasoline que gasolineras estan cercanas a ti.


Como maneja? con presicion  y rapido ya que cuenta con turbocharge solo 7 segundos este carro llega a los 60 mph. Su rendimento de gasoline es impressionate ya que se le llena el tanque con $20 dollares y usa gasolina unleaded osea que te da 23 millas en la ciudad y 31 millas en la autopista.


Este sedan con capacidad para 4 pasajeros te mantiene seguro con sus funciones de seguridad como detector de angulo muerto  perfecto para cuando vas a cambiar de carril al igual que uno de mis favoritos camara de vision trasera cual monotitoriza  objetos o carros detras o cercanos a ti y te da una advertencia antes de uses la reversa y con sus bolsas de aire frontales e laterales este Beetle te mantendra seguro en tus aventuras.




Te invito a que lo manejes y me siguas en Latinaology para mas de las aventuras abordo del 2016 Volkswagen Beetle.

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