Mazda Drive for Good my week driving the Mazda 3

Giving back has always made the heart feel good. Mazda has known that for more than four years, and through their Mazda Drive for Good program, has donated more than $15,564,550 to many worthy charities.

This week as I drove the KODO “Soul of Motion” 2017 Mazda 3 Hatchback, which came with a $25-dollar gift card that allowed me to donate to a worthy charity. My philanthropic heart was leaping for joy!

My $25 donation on behalf of Mazda went to the Co-Hoots Foundation, founded in 2014 to create a community that is equitable, innovative and thriving, that provides opportunities for underrepresented communities through education, scholarships and partnerships.


Co-Hoots Foundation has hosted the largest CodeDay  in the nation, which had the highest female attendance. Another very innovative way Co-Hoots Foundations   gives back to the community is thru their  24-hour design-a-thon which pairs local  nonprofits with  a team of skilled professionals to work together to redesign, create websites and cultivate new marketing strategies. Often non-profits have limited budgets, and with these services, can enhance the non-profit’s ability to market their mission to the community.

The  2017 Mazda3 is lots of fun to drive  loved its precise steering, strong brakes, and excellent cornering ability.You will look forward to long road trips on the Mazda 3.Under the hood the Mazda 3 has a four-cylinder  motor  which provides quicker acceleration which will give you  excellent fuel economy and superb performance. In its interior the hatchback has an elegant setting, a great infotainment system with several options via touch screen or control knob.





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