A Newbies Tips for a Flawless Spray Tan


Getting ready to be spray tanned
Getting ready to be spray tanned


I decided to try spray tanning for the first time as I love bronze skin. Your probably are thinking why would a Latina decide to Tan? First I’m pretty pale for a Latina and second I’m  concern about adverse  effects from layout in the sun, excessive sun exposure can cause skin cancer. And In my case I suffer from hyperpigmentation so the sun rays are not ideal for me.

Therefore my alternative was to Spray Tan. I booked my appointment at Aesthetic Institute and Laser Sciences where my aesthetician Sandy made the process fun and the final results simply amazing. However I wished someone would have told this newbie the following tips to achieve a flawless tan.

1.- Get  your manicure , pedicure , waxing, facial or peels 2 weeks before your tanning appointment as you will not be able to do so after your session.

2.- Exfoliate your skin a day prior to your appointment with a non-oil based scrub I used St. Ives Sea Salt Scrub and a scrub glove. The day of your appointment you cannot wear lotion, makeup, deodorant, perfume or sunscreen. You can wash your face at the salon and use a humid towel to wipe your body down and remove any natural oils.

3.- After your tan it is recommended to wait 8 to 12 hours until you shower in lukewarm to cool water , never hot. Do not use soap, wait until the water run clear then pat dry and moisturize, moisturize as it will help your tan last longer. I use Aveeno daily moisturizer.

4.- Wait two days before working out as heavy sweating dissolves your color sooner.

The first session might not take even so it’s recommended your book your touch up session in 5-7 days after in order to get an even tan.

The process was fun and simple and the pricing for three sessions was only $60 making this a very affordable summer glow.

Piel Morena Glow thanks to spray tanning
Piel Morena Glow thanks to spray tanning

I invite you to try it and share your experience with me.

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